5 Services for Custom Business Calendars

custom business calendarsCreating custom calendars can be a great way to promote your business while also giving potential clients or customers something that they use every day. There are a variety of services that offer custom calendar printing, and it can be overwhelming trying to sift through them all while keeping creativity and budget in mind. You want your calendars to look professional but you also don’t want to break the bank, especially since you’ll be ordering in bulk. Here are the 5 best services to use for custom business calendars.


CafePress has been used by small businesses and ambitious rock bands for a while now. It’s probably because you have the ability to make anything you want customized for your brand (or band); including calendars. You can upload photos from your computer, or you can connect to Facebook where they are undoubtedly tons of photos you would like to use. If you already have a photo sharing account such a Flickr or Picasa, you can integrate those as well to import photos. CafePress has editing features that allow you to change the filter of your images, resize them, and rotate them to your liking. You can choose from a number of templates but make sure you like your choice, because you can’t change your template once you pick one. Something unique to CafePress is that you can start your calendar on any month you want, not just January. Each calendar costs around $19.99 but be sure to sign up for exclusive offers.


Mixbook has higher shipping charges than most other printing services, but they boast an impressive editing toolbar which gives you more customization power. The average 12 month calendar costs $19.99 and shipping can be as much as $8.99. The finished product has a great quality.


An average 12 month calendar at Shutterfly will cost you around $21.99, but you really get what you pay for. Shuttfly’s quality is unbeatable. Shutterfly also offers a preview window which allows you to see what your finished product will look like so you have the opportunity to make necessary changes. It seems self-explanatory since we’re used to previewing our work in other places, but most printing services just don’t offer this feature. They have a decent selection of templates, but they are all fairly simple and sleek, which would probably be ideal for businesses.


Snapfish offers photo sharing and hosting as well as printing services, so you could store all of your photos as well as use them for your calendar in one place. Snapfish also has the most customization options as opposed to other printing services, and like CafePress, you can start your calendar on any month. If you want a date on your calendar to stand out, you have the option to customize that date on the calendar. Prices are around $19.99 and if you aren’t completely satisfied they offer you a full refund as well as a discount on any future purchases.